BrickHack 2018: Vids in Space

An experiment using the InterPlanetary File System and the Ethereum blockchain to implement a video hosting service in 24 hours. Implemented in collaboration with Michael Lucido of Cornell University.

Class Projects

If you'd like to view these projects, please contact me. Due to academic concerns, I do not wish to open up my class work to be plagiarized.


Distributed Systems

An implementation of a distributed IRC-like chat application with support for multiple servers and fault-tolerance using a custom-built load balancer and a custom-built node-based management interface for spinning up and killing hosts.

The server uses the ASP.NET framework via .NET Core, the frontend uses a React-Redux-Saga based stack, while the infrastructural tools are built using Node.js and modern ECMAScript 6 features.


Data Management/Databases

A functional clone of Spotify making use of a React-Redux-Saga based frontend with a Java 8 backend, backed by an H2 database. Includes a custom object-relational mapping framework with a focus on keeping the database tables in Third Normal Form.

Supports user sessions and registration, streaming music, favoriting, and viewing artist statistics song-by-song as well as overall.


Intro to Software Engineering

Implementation of a simulated hospital management system for the purposes of exploring software development methodologies and the software development life cycle. Built using the Django web application framework in Python 3, with a CoffeeScript/ECMAScript 6 frontend.