Who is Matthew Crocco?

I'm a young software engineer and informatician currently studying Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. I'm always experimenting with new technology and ideas, trying to find ideas to help real people solve real-world problems.

Ever since I was a young child reading Magic Treehouse books, I've never wanted to stop learning and the ever-evolving study of information and computation seemed like a natural fit given how much exposure to computers I had. My recent interests have been Programming Language Theory/Design as well as Functional Programming (FP) and applying FP concepts in concurrent systems.

Outside of programming and computation I'm an avid writer of short stories, a developing home cook, and an active volunteer in computer science education programs.

Work at CoverMyMeds

I am currently in my second year as a Software Co-op Engineer at CoverMyMeds as part of the Rochester Institute of Technology's Cooperative Experience program.

My work with the Pharmacy team at CoverMyMeds provides pharmacists with the tools necessary to ensure that when patients arrive at a pharmacy, they are not turned away due to extenuating circumstances with their insurer.

In collaboration with colleagues we were able to improve time to prescription fill and improve response time even as the number of clients using our systems quickly expanded.



Volunteer Work

The software we create has real effects on real people; often with unintended consequences. Software engineers generally enjoy a level of financial security that most people cannot boast. As such, I believe it is critical for a company to at least have outreach programs within the community they call home.

In Ohio, I work with PairColumbus and Local Tech Heroes to provide education and networking opportunities to teenagers and adults, while also organizing tech-oriented activities (e.g., programming robots to navigate a maze) for children at local schools.


Teaching Experience

As a student, I have had the fortune of working as a Student Lab Instructor and Peer Advisor at the Rochester Institute of Technology. As an instructor, I was able to work closely with students and develop plans for historically difficult Computer Science courses with professors. Computer Science education is challenging; however, I am confident that anyone can learn, and I am continually refining my approach with the inspiration of the fantastic professors I've had the pleasure of studying with.

I am actively seeking a Teaching Assistant position while exploring research opportunities within programming language and concurrent systems research.